How Much Olive Oil Can Dogs Have?

Ever wonder what else your everyday olive oil could be used for? Are their more uses and benefits of olive oil that we are missing out on? Yes, there are more great uses for olive oil and one of them happens to be for man’s best friend. That’s right. Olive oil can be a great addition to your loveable dogs’ diet, but there are some considerations to keep in mind.

One of the questions I see pop up with frequency is related to the quantity that’s safe for your dog to consume daily. How much olive oil can dogs have? After some research on the topic, here is what I can tell you.

So, how much olive oil can dogs have? A dog shouldn’t consume more than 1 teaspoon of olive oil per 10 pounds of your dogs’ weight. If your dog weighs 10 pounds, 1 teaspoon per meal per day is a good number to go by. If your dog weighs 100 pounds, 10 teaspoons per meal per day is a good number. It depends on the weight.

So, you know how much olive oil you can give your dogs and you know that it is a great use of olive oil, but you still have no clue as to the benefits or what olive oil could do to enhance your dog life, health, and even physical appearance. Here’s a look at all the benefits olive oil can provide to your pups.

Olive Oil Helps with Weight Control

Olive oil has always been known to keep our hearts healthy due to the monounsaturated fats. That’s not all olive oil can do, however. Also, olive oil can help take your dog’s health to the next level. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil can really get the metabolism boosted and moving for your dogs as well.

Olive oil reduces insulin activity which is known to start the fat burning process and helps your dog lose those unnecessary pounds he or she has packed on from too many dog bones or treats that you have been handing out a little too generously.

Olive Oil Creates Healthy Coats

Part of the problem with shedding and hair loss for your dogs isn’t always necessarily tied to the fur itself. Often, it’s a by-product of very dry skin. Olive oil can help with this. Simply start adding olive oil into their diets. In moderation of course.

Additionally, olive oil can be used to help shine your dog’s coat, reduce overall shedding and significantly reduce your dog’s dry skin issue by naturally moisturizing your dogs’ undercoat. Save yourself some trips to the groomer and save yourself some vacuum time around the house and begin introducing olive oil to your pups.

Lastly, olive oil even is known to help reduce fleas with your dogs’ fur. A common method many individuals are using is to just combine some olive oil with essential oils and mix them together in a spray bottle.

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This is different than placing the olive oil in your dog’s food bowl but still seems like a great overall use of olive oil for your dog’s natural beauty if you ask me.

Olive Oil Supports Cardiovascular Health for Your Dogs

Well first, even in humans, anytime we can get some un-needed weight off our bodies or our pups’ bodies, we are reducing the chances of any cardiovascular related health problems arising. Not just now but also in your dog’s later years of life.

This can all be attributed to the monounsaturated fats that we discussed previously.

Olive Oil Helps Strengthen Your Dog’s Immune System

We know the skin and heart benefits olive oil can offer to your dogs but what we haven’t mentioned is how much olive oil can improve your dog’s immune system.

Olive oil isn’t only rich in the monounsaturated fats but also rich in polyphenols and carotenoids which are known to help boost the immune systems for your lovable pups.

Increasing your dog’s immune system is essential for the obvious reasons. It’s going to help fight off infections and viruses that your dog can be exposed easily when running outdoors of even visiting dog parks and boarding houses.  

Having healthy immune systems is just as crucial for you but also crucial for the pets we love. Going through different seasons, climates and fighting pesky viruses will always pose its threats, but if we can do anything to give ours pets a better chance at fighting it off, we should do so.

Make Your Puppy Smarter with Olive Oil

So, we now have our hearts and skin taken care off. Also, we have our germ-fighting defenses on lockdown but what about our puppies’ brains? Can olive oil help? You bet it can. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, and it’s been shown that olive can not only help humans avoid diseases such as Alzheimer’s but can also help our dog’s brains remain sharp and healthy.

No more puppies battling dementia forgetting who you are. Keep olive oil in your dogs’ diet and rest assured that you are doing everything you can to reduce cognitive impairment for your dog.

Reduced Risk of Cancer and Other General Health Concerns

Last on our list of health issues to touch on comes this ever so feared word, “cancer.” Olive oil is known also to improve your dogs’ chances of never developing cancer in the future. Of course, this is no guarantee, but anything that can help even in the slightest seems like something I would be doing.

The antioxidants and other polyphenols have been linked and shown to help decrease the chance of cancer occurring in your pups. Case closed!

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Olive Oil Places a Spring Back in Your Dogs Step

Depending on the energy levels of your dog currently, this may be a good thing and may not be a good thing. Olive oil has been shown to help improve energy levels in your dogs. It increases blood flow for your dog and can even improve breathing.

If your dog seems to have a case of the winter blues or doesn’t seem to be as active as he or she once was, maybe it’s time to bust out a tablespoon of olive oil and see if you can get him or her back into action. You only live once right? Better enjoy it.

It’s Time for A Much-Anticipated Healthy Poop, Olive Oil Can Help.

If your dog has been struggling or suffering from constipation, you may want to consider olive oil to their diets. Olive oil can help get the poop train moving again but make sure not to overdo it. Too much olive oil will have your dog looking like he just downed a bottle of castor oil. Talk about a case of diarrhea!

Add some olive oil to the diet but don’t go crazy. If you do, that’s your mess to worry about.

A Few Other Benefits Worth Mentioning

Depending on the kind of dog you have, they may be more prone to certain conditions such as hip dysplasia. I’ve owned retrievers and labs my entire life, and this is always a common problem to see.

Olive oil can help with this as well. You can consider olive oil an anti-aging tool for your dogs. It’s been shown that olive oil can help with health conditions such as the following.

•    Hip Dysplasia

•    Elbow Dysplasia

•    Arthritis

•    Osteoarthritis

Considering how all four of these conditions that seem to be so popular and always cause our babies pain and suffering, it seems silly not to consider some olive oil to help with the situation.

Especially for the cost involved and ease of access. Heck, it will even save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the future on costly vet bills.

Both Meals and Every Day Isn’t Always Necessary

We mentioned already how olive oil is a significant health aid for your dogs and can be highly beneficial in many ways. A main point I want to emphasize one more time is not to overdo it. Great things can often be abused.

Don’t do this with olive oil for your pups. Moderation or low levels is plenty. A little bit goes a long way for your dogs. Overdoing it can cause diarrhea and other issues for your pet such as rapid weight loss. Keep it controlled and reap the benefits.

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Other Health Issues for Your Dog? Check with Your Vet.

If your dog has other health issues that he or she suffers from, it’s always wise to double check with your vet before adding olive oil to anything. It’s not that it should ever be harmful, but certain health conditions cause for specific measures.

I’m also not a vet so I didn’t feel comfortable not recommending this step to you. If your dog doesn’t have other health issues, I have no reservations about informing you of the benefits of olive oil and believing you should be adding it your pups’ diet. Plain and simple.

Can Olive Oil Make Dogs Sick?

Technically yes. If olive oil is used in too high of quantities or used when your pet has other health conditions to consider, it could make your dog sick. Be sure to consult your vet if this is the case before use and be sure only to use the recommended amounts of the olive oil.

How Much Olive Oil Do I Give My Dog for Constipation?

If your dog is constipated, you can provide one teaspoon to your dog for every 10 pounds of weight. If your dog weighs 10 pounds, I think you can do the math. If your dog weighs 100 pounds, you can provide 10 teaspoons of olive oil to get the bowels moving and back to normal functions again.

Can I Rub Olive Oil on My Dog?

Yes, if this is your preferred method, have at it and do your thing. Some people prefer olive oil and blends used with a spray bottle but if you want to put your hands to work, rubbing it on yourself should create a happy and healthy puppy and cause no harm.

Putting It All Together, In Moderation and Correct Doses, Olive Oil Is Fantastic for Your Dogs

I know we covered a lot here today. That was the point. Not only did I want to explain the dosages that are recommended for your dogs’ diet but wanted to really demonstrate just how much good it can do for your dog’s health, heart, mind and even skin.

The benefits really begin to stack up when you start considering olive oil use for your dogs. I think it’s silly not to consider giving it a try if the criteria are met. If it makes you more comfortable to consult a vet first than you should do that.

In my experience, however, olive oil used in the correct amounts can only do positive things for your dog’s health long term.

Storing olive oil is essential to its shelf life, but olive oil remains one of that great cooking and health aids that if it smells okay, you’re most likely in good shape to continue using it.